Kymi gas smoker

  • powerful 4,4 kW burner generates even heat and smoke
  • large smoking area, 4 pcs smoking grids 34 x 35 cm
  • hooks where whole fish can be hang
  • water/grease pan
  • chip pan and burner are located in a separate chamber, which can be opened during smoking without losing temperature
  • chimney has a valve which helps to adjust the amount of smoke
  • 64 x 50 x 128 cm

Electric smoker

  • 650W, 230V, 50Hx
  • four grates 37×33 cm
  • grease tray
  • time range 0-24 h, 59 min.
  • temperature range 38-137 degrees celsius

Smoker with sliding lid

  • 45 x 23 x 16cm
  • brushed stainless steel
  • two grates and a grease tray, well-sealed sliding lid, reinforced edges

Disposable smoker

  • alder chips, 70g

Smoke generator for cold smoking

  • Covered pipe in which the smoking dust burns
    while slowly simmering
  • The smoke created is guided by air pump
    to the desired place, such as a smoker box
    or ball barbecue
  • The smoke temperature is kept very low
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Temperature range -5 to 45 degrees
  • 220-240V, ~50Hz, 4W, IPX4

Smoker bag, alder

Cold smoking chips, mesquite

  • fine-cut American mesquite chips for cold smoking, 1 pint (approx. 0.5l)

Electric smoker

  • stainless steel
  • diameter 25.5cm, length 45cm
  • 1,100W, 230V, 50Hz, protection category I, IPx4
  • smoking grate, chip tray, grease tray and resistor unit

Two-storey electric smoker

  • diameter 29 cm, length 45 cm
  • 1200W, 230V, 50Hz, protection category I, IPx4
  • two-layer grate, chip and grease trays, resistor unit

Chef gas smoker

  • 2.8W gas burner
  • 52x52x110 cm
  • four chrome-plated grates 36×36 cm
  • thermometer
  • enamelled smoking chip box, water container and grease tray

Gas smoker

  • steel smoker with gas burner
  • five chromed grates, diameter 36.5cm

Smoker box

  • available sizes 38 x 25 x 13 cm, 45 x 31 x 15 cm and 45 x 33 x 18 cm
  • steel smoker box
  • two grates

Smoke Aroma Box for Gas Barbecues

  • box for smoking chips for your gas barbecue
  • fill it with smoking chips and place it directly
    on top of your barbecue’s burners. Soon smoke
    will begin to rise and start giving your food that
    great smoky flavour

Cold smoke generator

  • suitable for cold smoking of meat, fish and cheese
  • one filling lasts 10 to 12 smoking hours
  • use of fine-grade chips (such as cold smoking chips PRO) is recommended

Cold smoker

  • steel cold smoker for smoking with alder discs
  • 220–240V, ~50Hz, 13V, max. 36W, IP44

Smoking chips, apple tree, 3 l

  • 450 g

Smoking chips, hickory, 3 l

  • 100% hickory wood smoking chips

Smoking disc, alder

  • a set of 10 alder discs, diameter 10–12cm
  • suitable for cold smoker

Cold smoking chips pro, peeled alder, 3 l

  • fine and even-grade peeled alder chips for cold smoking
  • to be used with the cold smoke generator

Cold smoking chips pro, beech, 3 l

  • fine and even-grade beech chips for cold smoking
  • to be used with the cold smoke generator

Pecan 3 l

  • fine-grade 100% pecan wood chips for cold smoking from the United States

Mesquite 3 l

  • fine-grade 100% mesquite chips for cold smoking from the United States

Hickory 3 l

  • fine-grade 100% hickory wood chips for cold smoking from the United States

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