Sausage stick, telescopic

  • extended 77cm, collapsed 16cm, rubber tree handle, nut oil-treated leather strap

Sausage fork set

  • length 63cm, pack of 4, stainless steel, wooden handle

Telescopic Sausage Stick 4 pcs

  • Non-rotating
  • Length when open 70 cm

Barbecue Brush with Silicon Tip 2 pcs

  • Silicone tip with heat resistance up to 260°C
  • Two lengths: 20.5 cm and 17.5 cm

Tongs, non-stick

  • length 38cm, non-stick coating, plastic handles


  • length 36cm, stainless steel, black steel handle

Pro tongs

  • length 43cm, stainless steel, rubber handle

Barbecue Spatula

  • Spatula with saw blade 35 cm

Tongs, long

  • length 43cm, stainless steel, rubber handle

Wellington tongs

  • length 46cm, stainless steel, plastic handle

General-Use Tongs with Teeth

  • Length: 21 cm

Pro spatula

  • length 45.5cm, stainless steel, plastic handle

Wellington spatula

  • length 46cm, stainless steel, plastic handle

Pro Chef Set of Tongs

  • Length: 30 cm


  • length 50cm, flexible, stainless steel, wooden handle


  • length 46cm, stainless steel, wooden handle

BBQ set

  • turner 41.5cm, fork 42cm and tongs 41.5cm, stainless steel

Tongs set

  • lengths 34cm and 45cm, stainless steel

BBQ set

  • turner 38cm, tongs 34.5cm, stainless steel, plastic handle

BBQ set

  • turner with cutting edge and bottle opener, fork and tongs, length 47cm, stainless steel, plastic handle

Multi-Use Barbecue Tongs

  • Spatula with cutting edge and tongs with
    the same handle
  • Length: 47 cm

Barbecue Tool Set

  • Spatula with saw blade 35 cm, tongs 34 cm,
    barbecue brush with steel scraper 35 cm

BBQ multitools

  • length 30cm, turner, fork, brush, corkscrew and bottle opener, stainless steel, wooden handle

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