Whole grilled fish

Grilled fish is a firm favorite with many and works well in the summer as well as winter. We’ve packed together some basic tips for successfully grilling fish. Particularly good for grilling are fatty fishes, such as whitefish, salmon, vendace and herring.

The fish should be grilled with its skin and head, otherwise it can easily break. The skin also retains the natural juiciness of the fish. First, the fish must be salted and then add desired spices and herbs inside the fish. Dill is a common herb to accompany fish, but worth a try are also parsley, basil, coriander, lemon juice and chives. For a Mediterranean twist try oregano and thyme. To add more flavor, make incisions onto the surface of the fish and rub in the spices. Finish off by brushing on a few dollops of butter.

Start grilling the fish on a hot grill, approximately 200 degrees and decrease the temperature after a few moments. A mild temperature ensures a better end result, as fish cooks surprisingly fast. Grill the fish evenly on both sides. The fish is done when a light pull removes the fin, time depends on the size of the fish.

There are some excellent tools available to help in grilling fish. Fish can be grilled directly on a clean grill or use a non-stick grilling net under the fish to make cleaning effortless. Alternatives are also to use a folio sheet, or a grilling rack which is suitable for a grill or on a campfire.

And then nothing left but to enjoy your delicious fish!

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