Smoke your favorite foods anywhere!

Disposable smokers make smoking even easier.

The disposable smoker is used just as any smoking box and the usual smoking instructions apply. The box comes ready with alder smoking chips, enough for smoking approx. 1,2kg of food. Without the chips the smoker can be used as a steamer. The smoker is made up of two folio trays, between which there is a grate. Two holes, approx. 3-4mm are punctured through the lid. The size of the holes will impact the amount of smoke. With small holes there is more smoke and the intensity of the flavor is increased, larger holes means a milder smoky taste. Without holes the smoker can be used in the oven. Place the food being smoked on the grate and close the box by folding the edges. Place the closed smoker on top of a heat source and heat at a high temperature for appox. 20 minutes, after which the temperature can be dropped. As an example heat sources used could be coal barbeque, disposable barbeque, gas barbeque or hotplate.


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